Competitive Pay

Let’s be honest, no business is ever successful without great employees. i-10 Hospitality believes and is willing to invest in our Crew Members in order to get the BEST talent!

Aggressive Management Bonuses

Part of the i-10 Hospitality Mission is to Have Fun. A lot of hard work will come along with having fun, but we believe that hard work and high performance call for high reward. We will have an aggressive bonus plan in place for management roles.

Health Insurance

Healthy Crew Members are key in all of our businesses. i-10 Hospitality is committed to offering health insurance to all Crew Members! We will offer a health insurance plan for our salaried and full time Crew Members and a health insurance plan to our part time Crew Members. Both plans will be different, but we are committed to having something in place for everyone!


i-10 Hospitality understands that everyone wants to retire at some time in his or her life. We all need to have some money put on the side when this time comes. We have set up a tremendous 401k plan for all Crew Members. i-10 Hospitality has made a commitment to contribute 50 cents for each dollar that you contribute. We will match all the way up to 3% on your 6% contribution. Pretty sweet deal!

Vacation Time

i-10 Hospitality believes in a work/life balance and remembers that “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. Our vacation policy is designed to allow you to enjoy some time away and spend some of your hard earned money.